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A New Path

I have kept really quiet about this and it’s been KILL’N me! I have two big announcements!

I’m SO excited, because today is the OFFICIAL Re-Launch of my Essential Oils business!!! AND I am also officially CLOSING my Photography Business. (You have no idea how hard that second part is to say. Whew.)

Of course, everyone who already has a session booked will still get their session! :)

When I started my Young Living journey 2 years ago, I was searching for emotional support for me and the girls and I found SO much more and I want nothing more than to share what I found with the people that I love.

To celebrate, I am having a Re-Launch Party over the next 31 days!

Anyone who starts their journey with me between now and Sept 15th, will get a Welcome Gift from me, AND will be entered to win a $25 account credit! It doesn’t stop there!! You will receive a free bottle of Cedarwood Essential Oil from Young Living, if you get started by Aug 31st!!!

Also, anyone who books a class, online or in person, will get one of my personal favorite resource guides. (classes include one-on-one meetings! If more than 5 people attend you will get a BONUS gift!)
If you just don’t think oils are the right fit for you (they really are a good fit for everyone ;) ) but you know someone who you think would be interested please send them my way! I will send anyone who sends me a referral a gift, too!

AND anyone who is within 10 miles of me, or willing to travel withing 10 miles of me, will get a FREE 30 minute photo shoot!
I am BEYOND excited for what the next chapter holds. JOIN ME in my celebration!!

Let me know if you would like more information about Essential Oils! I would love to chat with you!


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Denver Photographer | Love Story

This couple was SO much fun to photograph.  The entire session we were laughing.  I was so thankful that I was not the only one having difficulty breathing; you wouldn’t think that this Denver photographer would have an issue with altitude but whew! that mountain was high!  ;)  

Brandy and Trevor really brought the best out of each other and their love for one another is undeniable. We met at Mt Falcon Park in Morrison, CO.   The location was perfect but the rain and clouds had threatened to postpone the session all afternoon.  We kept hoping that the predictable Spring Colorado afternoon storms would hold off – we were texting each other up until the last minute unsure if the skies were going to clear just enough for us to get a few shots.  

By the time we were all there, the sky was clear and the sun was out! We hiked in a little way and I was in awe at how beautiful the view was.  The sun was shining and there were fields of wild flowers.  The dark clouds were far enough away not to be a threat.  As we hiked in a bit further (and I was quickly reminded of how out of shape I am), the clouds become a bit closer but they made for beautiful scenery so we continued to shoot.  After we had hiked in and were about done, it started to sprinkle so we decided we better walk a little faster and as we walked back the sky let go of any moisture it had and it began to rain pretty good. (Luckily, we had umbrellas and the gear was protected).  When we got back to the parking lot it was still raining but the clouds were breaking up – we thought we were done and then I think all of us at the same time thought “rain+sun+love=amazingness!”  So Trevor and Brandy got wet.  Again, we thought we were done and as we turned to say goodbye – there is was – a bright, beautiful rainbow.  Perfection!  

As I drove home I was thinking about how the weather had been a perfect representation of so many relationships.  They all start off with the sun shining and they have their storms, their rainy days but in the end, if you wait just long enough, the sun comes out.  

The goal of this series – Love Story – is to capture the connection between couples who are in love.  Before the session I sent them a whole bunch of questions – the questions are totally optional but I think when a couple is going through one of those inevitable storms, this is a place they can come back too and be reminded through their images and through their own words of why the storm is worth facing head on….

Love Story

T: Brandy and I met in elementary school (Mrs. Riccli’s 5th grade class) but I officially started flirting with her in 8th grade. My first impression of Brandy was that she was cute and had a great smile. I was instantly drawn to her beautiful hair and her pretty eyes.  We first met when we were 11 years old…Mrs. Rickli’s 5th grade class.  

B: My first impression of him at such a young age was that he was a cute boy who enjoyed teasing me, he now calls that flirting photgrpahy of couple sitting in a field of wild flowers over looking the mountains in Morrison, CO at Mt Falcon Park just outside of Denver, COphotgrpahy of couple sitting in a field of wild flowers over looking the mountains in Morrison, CO at Mt Falcon Park just outside of Denver, COT: Our first kiss was inside the entry way of her parents house. We were 14 at the time but I still remember that she put her right hand on my cheek and it was the most tender kiss I’ve ever had.

B: Our first kiss was at my parents house near the front door right before he had to leave to be home by curfew…we were so young and it was awkward and wonderful all at the same time.  Photography in Morrision CO, image of couple kissing in the mountains. Photography in Morrision CO, image of couple kissing in the mountains. Photography in Morrison CO, image of couple kissing in the mountains. T: I knew she was “the one” at our Sadie Hawkins Dance of our sophomore year of high school.  

B: We dated for 6 years prior to getting engaged…we knew very early on that we would get married and then got engaged at 19 years old.Engagement photograph in Colorado Mountians2014-06-02_0020T: Things that she does that make me smile are:

- When she smiles:)

- The way she claps her hands when she laughs.

- The way she looks at me when she wants something.

- How she loves our daughters and makes them feel loved and special.

- At restaurants, she checks her teeth in the reflection of her knife.

- When she listens to a song on “repeat” until she can’t stand it anymore.

- When she calls me “Hunna”.

- She has a very hard time staying awake past 9:00 pm:)

B: His smile, his text messages, watching him with the girls, always surprises me with sweets, always makes me feel beautiful, how our girls resemble him.Denver CO Photography, couple laughing together in the mountains near Morrison CO 2014-06-02_0005T: What I love most about Brandy is that she is accepting and kind to everyone she meets. She has a way of making you feel comfortable, special and valued no matter who you are.

B: I love his acceptance and unwavering love for me and our girls.  2014-06-02_0034T: My best memory of our relationship has to be when Brandy gave birth to our baby girls. Those were the best days of my life (this far) and it is where Brandy and I became a family with our daughters, Kaylee and Reese.

B: The two absolute best memories with him are the births of our daughters.    Photography with couple in Morrison CO Mt Falcon Park outside of Denver COT: What I respect most about Brandy is her work ethic. Ever since I’ve known her she has been exceptionally hard working and ambitious. She always gives it her all, no matter what she does. I respect his kindness & willingness to help and do for others.       Brandy has taught me how to be a grown up. It may sound silly, but we’ve been together since we were 14 and basically grew into adulthood together. I’m pretty sure I would still act like a teenager if it weren’t for Brandy:)

B: Trevor taught me to never give up and go after what I want in life.   We always say that as long as we can lay next to each other in bed at the end of everyday we will be happy. That’s what I look forward to every day and is my greatest hope for our future. It doesn’t matter what we do or where we are, just as long as we are together. Our greatest hope is to grow old together and to raise our daughters to be strong, loving and confident women…and of course to travel and see the world.    Photograph of couple sitting in wild flowers at Mt Falcon Park Morrison CO near Denver CO.T: Some advice I have for other couples would be:

- Be gracious to one another. Do things for each other without obligation or expecting something in return. Do it simply because you love them.

- Don’t think too highly of yourself and be grateful for your spouse. There are many “better” people they could find but for some reason they chose you. I certainly know that I married “up”:)

- Be quick to forgive. Resentment and bitterness come quickly, so it’s best to forgive and forget before things get a lot worse for both of you. It helps me to remember the countless times that she forgave me when I didn’t deserve it.

- Have fun together and don’t take yourself so seriously all the time.


B: Advice to others would be never take the other person for granted, show them love any chance you get and to allow one another to be who they are meant to be.Couple sitting with each other at Mt Falcon Park Morrison CO outside of Denver COT: One of my favorite stories about our relationship was when we were 16. We went sledding late at night. I remember the snow falling, being there alone together laughing and having a blast. We also made out… a lot;)

B: I love being able to tell people that we are high school sweethearts…that we’ve had our many ups & downs but we are lucky to have grown up with each other.Couple overlooking mountain range at Mt Falcon Park in Morrison CO outside of Denver COCouple in love overlooking mountain range at Mt Falcon Park in Morrison CO near Denver CO.T: If you look at our love story, it’s pretty simple. We met very young and have been together ever since. There have been many struggles and many triumphs over the years. “Peaks and valleys” as I always say:) Times of feeling close and deeply in love as well as times of wanting to throw in the towel and run. The more time that I spend with Brandy, the more my love has grown for her. I can’t imagine my life without her by my side and I am so thankful that she loves me. Through it all, we can honestly say that we love each other more today than we did on our wedding day and I know that as each day passes I will love her more than I did the day before.

B: Boy meets girl, girl falls head over heels for boy, they marry, are blessed with two magnificent little girls and watch them grow…prouder and more amazed as each day goes by at their life together.   

2014-06-02_00092014-06-02_0007T: After we’re gone, I hope that others will look back at our marriage and say, “You could always tell how much they were in love with each other.” Love is demonstrated in actions and I especially want our two girls to always know how much in love Brandy and I were by the way we treated each other.

B: I hope others will say that although we’ve gone through a lot together that we never gave up and ended up stronger than we started.2014-06-02_0039Song Lyrics that remind Trevor of Brandy:

“I can’t stop thinking how you just keep making sense of all that was broken before. I won’t keep faking cause I’m done with taking, with you I’m not broken anymore.” – From “Not Broken Anymore” by Blue October.

“Now you’re my whole life, now you’re my whole world. I just can’t believe the way I feel about you girl. We’ll look back someday at this moment that we’re in and I’ll look at you and say, “And I thought I loved you then.” From “Then” by Brad Paisley2014-06-02_00462014-06-02_0047Song Lyrics that remind Brandy of Trevor:

You saw my pain, washed out in the rain
And broken glass, saw the blood run from my veins
But you saw no fault, no cracks in my heart
And you knelt beside, my hope torn apart
But the ghosts that we knew will flicker from view
And we’ll live a long life…image of couple at Mt Falcon Park in Morrison CO kissing in the rain2014-06-02_0050image of couple at Mt Falcon Park in Morrison CO kissing in the rainblack and white image of couple at Mt Falcon Park in Morrison CO kissing in the rainimage of couple at Mt Falcon Park in Morrison CO kissing with a blue sky and a rainbow I know that being in front of the camera can feel awkward at first but these two were naturals from the start. It was so wonderful to see them connect with each other, laugh together and take some time to just look at each other. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Trevor and Brandy!

<3 Amy




Esther - June 16, 2014 - 3:34 PM

Love the story! Thanks for sharing.

Amy - June 16, 2014 - 6:47 PM

Thank you so much, Esther! This one tops the charts for me and I have a feeling going down in the record books for one of the best sessions ever. :)

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Shootout | Highlands Ranch Senior Pictures | Amy Wadlington

A few weeks ago I was invited by one of my great friends and fellow photographer to attend a styled high school senior shoot.  My friend is one Northern Colorado’s best senior photographers, Kristi Kelly of The Studio Photography.   Kristi did all of the planning, location scouting, model selecting and prop choosing and then invited myself and some of our friends along to shoot with her.  We had so much fun and the models were ah-mazing!  Seriously.  Every one of them was so sweet and SO beautiful! I am so grateful to Kristi for inviting me! If you are in Northern CO, (NOCO) and you’re looking for a photographer you MUST call Kristi!  You won’t regret it.

I am currently booking Class of 2015 High School Seniors for Highlands Ranch Senior Pictures, as well as, Littleton, Douglas County and Parker areas.  Please take a moment to contact me using the contact form at the top of my website here. I would love to speak with you about your photography needs, and get a date set up for your own Denver Senior Pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites from one of the models…

Denver Senior Pictures | Denver Photographers

Highlands Ranch High School Senior

High School Senior PhotographyHighlands Ranch Senior PhotographyHighlands Ranch Senior PhotographyPS Didn’t I tell you she is beautiful?!

Jana - May 26, 2014 - 8:33 PM

Oh girl! These are GORGEOUS!!!!! Any senior would be thrilled to hire you!

Amy - May 26, 2014 - 8:38 PM

Thank you, Jana! It means so much to me to hear that from you. :)

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We Are Family | Denver Family Photographers

I  know that there are many Denver Family Photographers, but I can’t help but think that I get all the best families ;).

I was so excited when a friend called and said she was ready to have her family photos taken! I have known this family since my family moved into the neighborhood. Our kids “hang out” (I’m not allowed to say play anymore) together and we’ve known each other for many years now.

It was so much fun getting to photograph this family! We met at one of my absolute favorite outdoor locations in Highlands Ranch, CO. It was a beautiful day to photograph such a lovely family. I am truly looking forward to photographing them over the years to come. I’ve so loved getting to know each of these wonderful people, and watching the kids grow.

If you are currently searching for a Highlands Ranch Photographer to schedule your Denver Family Pictures with, I’d love to speak with you! Please take a moment to connect with me using the contact form at the top of my site. We can chat about what you’re looking for in a photographer, as well as my available dates. Summer is the perfect time for your Highlands Ranch Family Photography session – let’s get you book!




Denver Photographer_0021.jpg

Denver Photographer_0022.jpg

Denver Photographer_0023.jpg

Denver Photographer_0024.jpg

Denver Photographer_0025.jpg

Denver Photographer_0026.jpg

Denver Photographer_0027.jpg

Denver Photographer_0028.jpg

Denver Photographer_0029.jpg

Denver Photographer_0030.jpg

Denver Photographer_0031.jpg

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